Better Dental Life Programs

Better Dental Life programs follow a process of awareness, transformation, and action. We will explore mindfulness, mindset, and ridiculous and impossible stretch goals; We will adjust strategy and embrace massive growth.

Total Transformation

This one year coaching program will Transform your life, transform you practice and increase your income beyond what you thought was possible. This year jumpstarts with the 8 weeks to Practice Freedom and then the continue your momentum as we take your customized practice growth plan and help you implement it throughout the year. This year you will have:

  • Individual Mindset and Accountability Coaching – $5,000/month value
  • Group coaching – $1000/month value
  • Access to all Better Dental Life courses like including The Extraordinary Office Manager – $36,000 value
  • Enrollment in Practice Management Continuum – $12,500 value
  • Dental Intelligence Practice Analytics – $6,000 value
  • Over $126,000 in value for only $3,500/month
  • Increase your practice production by hundreds of thousands of dollars

8 weeks to Practice Freedom

This 8 week course is designed to help dental practice owners who are overwhelmed, burned out, or just ready to take their practice to the next level. We will help you to remove the stress of practice management, take home a 7-figure income and win back a whole day every week to spend away from the office, not worrying about the practice.

Better Retirement

Are you burned out? Are you no longer in love with your practice? Have you been dreaming of the day you can retire?

I help overstressed dentists on the verge of burnout sell their practices for top dollar so they can have a high-value exit, finally see the rewards from years of hard work, and retire comfortably, knowing they’ll never have to work again. It doesn’t matter if you want to retire in one year or ten years, now is the best time to prepare. Don’t make mistakes that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and leave you unsatisfied in retirement.

Too many dentists want to retire, but it stays a dream. I will help will you plan exactly how much money you need to retire, when you will retire, and how you want to sell your practice. I am not a broker. I don’t work for a DSO. I am a dentist and a life coach who has bought and sold practices in many ways. I will help you navigate the complicated dental transition market and find the best solution for you and your practice. A solution that will give you the retirement lifestyle that you want.

I specialize in happiness. Let me help you fall in love with your life again and retire with complete financial freedom.
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Customized Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching:

  • One on one Coaching with Mark Davis
  • Weekly one-on-one Coaching with Program Coaches
  • Monthly team meetings

Better Goals

I used to hate goals. Setting goals was something that I did because I thought I needed to and when I didn’t reach my goals I felt frustrated and let down. The truth is, I didn’t hate goals, I just had poor and ineffective goal setting habits.
Now I love goals. I love small goals and big impossible goals. I am now in control of my life instead of being a passenger on a train to an unknown destination.
As part of Better Dental Life Membership you have access to our Better Goals Program. In Better Goals you will learn how to set goals that will motivate you and your team. As an amazing part of this program you will have access to individual coaching with a goals expert.

Better Health

To feel great over the long term we need to take care of our minds, body, and spirit. In Better Health we will focus on taking care of your body. An incredible part of Better Health is individual coaching with our Better Health Coach.